Knowledgeable and friendly agility instruction since 1996

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At Sondog we only use positive training methods. We use treats, toys, clickers: whatever positively motivates your dog. There are no choke collars or pinch collars allowed and we don't even like to hear the word "No"!!  Class size is kept small so each team has lots of time on the equipment and individual instruction. And because Lois instructs all levels of classes, she gets to know you and your dog and can offer consistent instruction based on her experience with you. Our goal is to help you have fun with your dog!  Please read our Code of Ethics to learn more about our philosophy. Class descriptions and rates are listed below.

Our Classes

Beginner Classes are for brand new dog and handler teams or experienced handlers with a new dog. These classes include:

Text Box: Sondog Agility
 Code of  Ethics

1. To use and promote humane training methods.
2. To train with positive motivational techniques.
3. To discourage unhealthy and non-productive physical and psychological punishment of dogs and to advise on humane, instructive means of communication with dogs.
4. To build on successes and not failures.
5. To refrain from giving drugs or medical diagnoses, instead referring these to a qualified veterinarian.
6. To treat clients and their dogs in a professional and responsible manner regardless of ability or breed.

Beginner Classes

~ introduction to most agility equipment

~ beginner-level handling methods

~ maximum of 6 dog/handler teams

~ 6 weeks of instruction

~ graduation

Echo gets lots—and lots! - of air going over this jump

Intermediate Classes

Intermediate Classes are for dog and handler teams that have completed the Sondog Agility Beginner Classes or at the discretion of the instructor.


~ introduction to remaining agility equipment

~ more advanced handling methods

~ introduction to rules used in competition

~ maximum of 6 dog/handler teams

~ weekly practice sessions

Sprocket heads over the dog walk, which has been raised to its full height

Advanced Classes

Advanced Classes are for dog and handler teams that are able to successfully complete all obstacles in a correct, safe manner. Entry into advanced classes is at the discretion of the instructor. Teams may be asked to perform a test for entry.

~ in depth handling strategies

~ introduction to all classes, levels, divisions and rules for competition

~ how to walk a course

~ strategies for remembering courses

~ course analysis

~ how to enter a trial

~ run complete courses

~ weekly practice sessions

Jake is working on a sequence of obstacles in this exercise

Yucca blasts through a tunnel and will pick up the food reward off the target

Yucca, just learning to jump,

goes over a low-set bar

Class rules/what to bring:

We have a few simple rules that will help you and your dog safely enjoy your class.

~ please don't allow your dog to sniff other dogs

~ please don't allow your dog to "mark" the equipment

~ please have your dog use the designated potty area


Here’s what you need to bring to class.

~ a six-foot leash, preferably leather as it is the easiest on your hand; flexi-leashes don't work

~ a buckle collar (no chokers or pinch collars allowed) 

~ lots of soft, yummy treats that your dog can quickly swallow

~ your dog's favorite toys; if you have a toy that your dog loves, keep it just for agility training,  it will be a great motivator 

~ bug spray (during summer)

~ towel for dog's feet if you want to protect your car from damp paws


FYI: There is a bathroom facility near the training field for handlers.