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Sharon Nelson Seminar

July 28, 29 & 30, 2009

We are proud to have Sharon Nelson at Sondog for a three-day agility seminar. Sharon is the founder of NADAC (North American Dog Agility Council) and a world-class handler and clinician.

Working spots at this seminar are full, but auditing is available. Please contact Sharon at for more information.

The following is a brief description from Sharon about her seminars:

“The seminars are not in a specific ‘format’ with a list of  subjects. The seminars ‘become’ what they are because of the people who attend them. My seminars are all about the handlers having the tools to get the most out of their dog/handler team.”

Seminars are from Tuesday to Thursday. The first sessions runs from 9 a.m to 12:30pm., then a hour and a half lunch break, followed by a session from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m.


Here is what other handlers are saying about Sharon’s seminars in the U.S. this spring…


“Sharon, I have heard for years about the amazing training and fun times at camps. I am so glad I was finally able to see you in action -- you really are an inspirational animal person and have encouraged me, and given me some tools, to become a better animal person as well.”

-Lynn Saunders




“I think what I most appreciated was Sharon 's ability and willingness to see all of us, dogs and people, as individuals.  There were no pat, one-size-fits- all answers.  My Scottie's needs and skills aren't the same as a speedy, driven-to-work  herding dog, and each of us as handlers also bring different physical abilities and liabilities, too.  Sharon recognizes and appears to find joy in our differences.  While she didn't let us use that as an excuse for poor performance, she is also full of insight and flexibility when giving us advice and pointers as to how to improve as a team.  


Jack the Scottie went to the seminar with an aversion to Tunnelers and a "lack of enthusiasm" after running in two or three classes--he was still pretty accurate, but just would get slower and slower as the day went on.  After three days with Sharon , we went 10 for 12 at the Fun Raiser, including qualifying in all 6 classes on Saturday, including his first Q in Tunnelers.  And in the last class on Saturday, Jack finished a Regular round in 42 seconds, 19 seconds under time.  Talk about immediate and dramatic results! Thanks, Sharon , for giving us all (even stubby little dogs...and stubby little handlers :-) a place to play with NADAC.”

-Vicki Storrs



“When I participated in your seminar at Elk Grove many years ago, I came away with so many workable tools to improve myself & my dogs. It was  the most productive three days I'd ever spent in agility training. This time, I wondered if there was any hope to solving my relationship problems with Relee. As her third home, I knew the emotional problems she has on the agility course were deep-rooted, & it just broke my heart to see her break into a trot & completely
disassociate herself from me at trials.


You told me we could get Relee firing on all cylinders, & fortunately I had faith when I heard your encouragement. The tools you gave me to use in the ring have all worked wonderfully, & I've actually been able to diminish them slightly as she's realized that she can keep it together & RUN an entire course.


The last weekend of the Funraiser she earned her first two Jumpers, as well as Weavers & Tunnelers Q's (this dog has been trialing for over three years, one of them with me).  On Sunday, she had the first perfect trial in her life & Q'd in EVERYTHING. Besides having a WONDERFUL time with her in the ring, I was having the most gratifying time with her OUT of the ring. Her rise in confidence was so apparent, & she glowed with every positive remark.


Sharon, you made what I thought could be impossible - POSSIBLE!!!!”

-Cynthia Kennedy