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About Us

As Lois began her agility career, Wes was a general contractor and not that involved with dogs. Then, in the late 1990s he was in a serious car accident that required an extended period away from work. During his rehabilitation and recuperation he needed something to keep him occupied so he began building agility equipment and miniature agility sets.

A need for more space  

Gradually, Wes and Lois added a few more border collies to their household and the need for more space arose. With their two children grown up and on their own, the Mieraus sold their house in the city, bought 80 acres of land and four sheep and the rest, as they say, is history.

Wes built all the equipment for Lois to use for training and teaching. Eventually, he decided to retire from his “gopher” duties at trials and started running his own dog, Katie.

From these humble beginnings Lois now teaches all levels of classes and Wes continues to build the equipment. They host two NADAC trials each year, attend and host seminars, hold fun matches and herding clinics.

Knowledge and experience

Since she began her agility career, Lois has always sought to learn more about agility and the best ways to teach students and their dogs.

During the past decade, she has attended agility seminars and camps featuring top trainers from North America and Europe.

This includes several seminars with trainers associated with the North American Dog Agility Council (NADAC), the fastest-growing agility organization in Canada and the U.S. Last June,  Lois travelled to Cataldo, Idaho for an agility camp with NADAC founder Sharon Nelson. NADAC focuses on safely having fun with your dog on the agility field.

As well, Lois has attended seminars and lectures on several specialized topics including animal behaviour, dog aggression, clicker training, dog nutrition, herding and Tellington Touch, which is a type of massage therapy for animals that can improve their performance and health and present solutions to common behavioural and physical problems.

Our Dogs

No page about us would be complete without meeting our dogs. Read on to meet to meet our girls, and a couple of other special additions to our family. 

V-NATCH  Lacey Jade


Lacey is a 13-year-old classic black-and-white Border Collie. She and Lois discovered agility together. Lacey earned her NADAC Agility Trial Champion (NATCH) title in 2003 and retired immediately afterward. She is an intense dog who found the perfect outlet in agility. She lived to be on course with Lois, where she gave everything she had and loved every second of it. Today Lacey is the senior dog in the Mierau household, but she still gets to play agility at home. She also did flyball and herding.


Katie is a seven-year-old smooth, tri-colored Border Collie that came to us when she was two years old. She used to work cattle on a feedlot and now she does agility, flyball and sheep herding. She is a happy-go-lucky girl that we love for her bouncy personality and willingness to please.

How it all began 

Lois was bitten by the agility bug in 1993 with her border collie Lacey. This was the perfect job for a city-raised border collie and Lacey soon lived to do agility. They started to compete in 1995 when there were very few trials in Saskatchewan. Many trips to Calgary for competitions allowed them to meet some great people and make new friends.

Lacey trains at Sondog soon after

 the move out to the acreage

Quewe, NAC, NCC, S-NJC, TG-O,    TN-O, WV-N

Quewe is a four-year-old black-and-white Border Collie. Her first love is sheep herding but she is also a wonderful agility partner. She has a sweet face and is known as a couch potato around the house, but when she’s given a job to do, she’s all business.


Annie is an eight-year-old red-and-white Border Collie with what you would call a one-of-a-kind personality. She had a broken leg at eight weeks and we were her fifth home when we rescued her at 14 weeks, so we can’t fault her for her quirkiness. She can't do agility because of her leg but she loves to herd sheep.


We must include Larry in our dogs as he does tricks and agility just like the dogs. He was trained on all the contact equipment in 15 minutes. He will stop on the contact zones, two on two off, and wait for his treat!

Little Glen

Little Glen is a lamb that we bottle fed from the age of seven hours. He loves to do all the contact equipment and tunnels but hasn’t quite mastered the jumps and weaves.

Katie waits for her turn

at an agility practice

Quewe is ready and waiting for Lois to come get her

Lacey competing in one of her last NADAC jumpers runs

Annie is a unique dog

with a unique personality

Larry is one of the only cats we know who does agility . . .

. . . And Little Glen is one of the only lambs who does it!

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