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August 2006 sees another successful Sondog trial go into the books

In August 2006, Sondog hosted another successful NADAC (North American Dog Agility Council) trial near Saskatoon, SK.

Judge Blair Bloxham from Calgary, AB did a terrific job. We appreciated his professionalism and his friendly reminder to stay positive even when a run goes awry, because our four-legged partners certainly aren’t fretting about it!

Special Awards!

This year, rather than hold a raffle, we invited our competitors to enter several special free-of-charge draws. Every dog/handler team that had a first-place finish could enter to win a selection of prizes. Same for Qs and those pesky Es. We also handed out some awards in several other unique categories. Check out the full list below!

Here’s our list of lucky winners!

First Place Draw

1. Judy Ganshorn and Allie — Weave Poles

2. Donella Hoffman and Jake — Kodiak Dog House

3. Bree Leach — Gift Basket

Qualifying Rounds

For Free Entries to Future Sondog Trials

1. Helena Klomp and Dirk

2. Judy Ganshorn and Allie

3. Alanna Leach and Torque/Demi/Leah


Don’t Be Blue, Some Day You’ll Q!

A basket of everything blue, from us to Brenda Nault and Buddy

Drown Your Sorrows

Two wine glasses & Cat’s Pee on a Gooseberry Bush wine to Alanna Leach and Torque


Top Dogs

At each of our trials we acknowledge the top small, medium and large dog/handler teams with the best showing over the weekend. They must compete in all four regular rounds to be eligible. Our congratulations to these dog and handler teams.

Small Dog

Medium Dog

Large Dog

Chloe, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, handled by Crystal Scheible of Lloydminster, Alberta

Shelby, Nova Scotia duck Tolling Retriever, handled by Debby Unger of Regina, Saskatchewan

Inky, Siberian Husky, handled by Brigitte Hunter of Winnipeg, Manitoba

Leah Harrington Sportsmanship Awards

This is awarded in memory of our friend Leah Harrington, who was our first trial secretary. She died tragically in a car accident in 2003. We present this to the competitors who embody the true meaning of agility: having fun with our best friends!

Thanks once again to all the handlers and dogs who attended our trial. We are proud to provide NADAC agility trials in Saskatchewan. As always, our volunteers were their usual efficient selves and kept our trial running smoothly. A big thank you  to everyone!

Brenda Nault and Buddy tackle

 Sunday’s Touch N’ Go course

Small Dog/Handler Team

Large Dog/Handler Team


Jackie Tomayer and Allie,

Lloydminster, AB

Cathy Dick and her collection of NSDTRs